Bahareh Akbarisafa

Bahareh Safa's Photo

Bahareh Akbarisafa (born August 24, 1995) is an artist based in London. She is a graduate in Master of Fine Arts Photography from the University for the Creative Arts, where she was exploring and developing her new concepts and ideas, using alternative photographic processes, abstract art, Persian traditional art, like calligraphy and illumination, researching and doing photography based on her researches about the spectacular, functional art of Persian carpets and related arts which have roots in her culture and relate to her identity. Bahareh’s new projects seek to conserve traditional Persian arts and carpets, depict their connections to each other and to life and tell her stories. " the world of Persian carpets is full of emotions, poems, stories and mysteries about life, humanity and love. There is a huge connection between carpet design, poetry, Persian calligraphy and Persian illumination, which are all in danger of being lost. "