Bahareh Safa's Photo

Bahareh Akbarisafa (born in 1995) is a Conceptual artist and Fine Art Photographer based in London. She graduated in Master of Fine Arts and Photography from University for the Creative Arts in 2020. Throughout her career, her work has concerned the relationships between cultural history, memory and identity as a Persian migrant. She often adopts a poetic, metaphorical approach to explore the difficulties and confusion of visually representing and conserving the Persian identity through the medium of Photography to tell the stories. She is interested in society's perceptions of a Persian migrant. Through her practice, She shifts the Persian identity out of contemporary political criticism into a dynamic, static, symbolic and magical empire of Persia, 4500 years of civilisation and history, which is hidden behind the political news in western society. In her recent projects and research, she is inspired by Persian Carpets, their symbolic patterns and Achaemenid Cuneiform. She has used the Persian carpet’s visual language in response to the poems she has written through her photographic illustrations.