Artist Statement: 

I am a Master of Fine Arts Photography graduate from the University for the Creative Arts, where I explored and developed my ideas to tell some unseen unsaid and hidden stories with related theories. I have researched  to develop my concepts and critical stance, and my artwork reflects my views on philosophy, literature and identity which have inspired my new projects and concepts.

I have spent more than two years researching the spectacular, functional art of Persian carpets which have roots in my culture and relate to my identity. Indeed, the world of Persian carpets is full of emotions, poems, stories and mysteries about life, humanity and love. There is a huge connection between carpet design, poetry, Persian calligraphy and Persian illumination, which are all in danger of being lost. I seek to conserve these arts and carpets, depict their connections to each other, and to life, tell the stories and bring their real beauty to the world.

My first artworks in the UK from the Unseen series were exhibited at The Lightbox Gallery in Woking, Foyer Gallery at UCA Farnham and at the Brewery Tap Project Space in Kent.

“I developed the idea of preserving Persian arts in relation to Persian carpet and to present their real existence and beauty to the world.”

All of my artworks are intentional and all developed, evolved and sometimes the purpose may changed over time because some objects can take on new meanings, be reinterpreted and re-inspire after recognition.

Exhibit and Achievement:

▪ “Pairidaeza” published on Source Magazine online show, 2020, UK

▪ Online GradShow, uca.co.uk, 2020, UK

▪ Online show, ArtsThread, 2020, UK

▪ Online show, Photofringe Instagram, 2020, UK

▪  Photography group exhibition at The Lightbox Gallery, 2020, UK

▪  Photography group Exhibition at Foyer Gallery UCA, 2019, UK

▪  Pint Sized Competition and Confirmed in the Exhibition at the Brewery Tap Project Space, 2019, UK

▪  Participated in collaboration Photography group exhibition with China, 2019, UK

▪  Photography group exhibition at The Lightbox Gallery, 2019, UK

▪  1rd place at Lavasan artistic photography contest, march 2017, Iran

▪  3rd place at Lavasan photography contest, march 2017, Iran

▪  Luster and drawing stone exhibition, September 2017, Iran

▪  Achieved the certificate of Iran Calligrapher’s Association,2014, Iran

Contact: baharehsafa602@gmail.com