Talking with Moon is a collaborative short film and images by Bahareh Akbarisafa and Jade Goa . Akbarisafa and Goa discovered a common spiritual voice within themselves. They both found talking to and gazing at the moon a source of great comfort, seeing it as a magical presence in the sky visible from their respective homes in the UK and China. Akbarisafa and Goa feel the moon is a source of dreams and magic, giving the light to make reveries real. Talking with the moon helps them to feel closer to their dreams and achieving them, giving hope when all feels lost. The two artists shared their conversations with the moon together for a month. The video is made with Akbarisafa's images of the eclipse in Iran in Summer 2017 and includes texts read by the artists in Persian, Chinese and English languages from their conversation with the moon. There is a Seiko poem from Abbas Kiarostami which is read by Bahareh in the beginning of the movie and all others are sentences and words from the artists’ diaries and conversations with the moon.